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11 Dec. 21

Change without breaking: How to paint tiles?

Tiles used in wet areas due to waterproofing and aesthetic appearance wear out and lose their color over time due to humidity and different factors. Worn and discolored tiles are negative factors, especially for bathroom accessories. When you are faced with these negative situations, you can paint tiles. You can give your tiles the color you want by using tile paint specially produced for tiles. The most important detail that you need to pay attention to in the bathroom tile painting process is to pay attention not to wear the joints. In the floor tile painting process, it is very important to wait for the paint to dry. You should also pay attention to the quality of the tile paint you will use for the floors. Otherwise, the paint may not hold.
It is a very common problem that we all know that the tiles and ceramics that we usually use in bathrooms and kitchens turn yellow as time passes, their colors fade and the joints that are the grout material between them become dirty and dark. Most of the time, when we want to have tiles and ceramics replaced, even though the tiles do not have any structural damage, they become old and faded and look dirty, even if there are no cracks or cracks.
Of course, you can clean the joints between tiles regularly with joint cleaner products for a certain period of time, but even these products only delay the problem a little longer. Of course, deciding on a renovation process in a kitchen or bathroom with old tiles is very tiring and costly, both financially and morally. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most difficult places to change their structural features in the house, because removing the cabinets, completely breaking the tiles, installing new tiles, reinstalling the cabinets, etc. Of course, it is not possible to use the kitchen and bathroom while these processes are being applied, and this is quite annoying because bathrooms and kitchens are also the most used spaces of a house.
But today, it is possible to renew the tiles and ceramics in our bathrooms and kitchens without breaking them, moreover, with a very economical budget and with our own effort. In the past, it was not possible to paint tiles because there were no long-lasting paints suitable for tile surfaces, which dry quickly, do not disperse in contact with water. What happened were chemical and non-professional paint types that could only be used in workshops by professionals. Today, with the development of paint production technologies, you can paint your tiles yourself, and even add the patterns you want to the tile surfaces.
The possibility of painting tiles is not only advantageous for landlords who do not want to deal with breaking it down, but also for tenants who do not want to pay for cosmetic changes in the house they live in, and for landlords who want to renovate their houses in the most economical way before renting them out.
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Roller brushes are the most practical and easy option for tile painting applications. After painting the first layer of the surfaces of the tiles you will paint with a roller brush, you should wait for them to dry. It is recommended to apply the second coat the next day so that it is completely dry. After applying the second coat on the second day and drying, the tiles of your bathroom or kitchen will be ready for use. It’s that simple! Of course, if you are covering a dark tile with light colors, you may need a third floor. You can decide at that moment by looking at the appearance that emerges as a result of the painting process.
The amount of paint you will need is written in detail on the paint you decide to buy. It is not possible to say anything about the different density of each paint in advance, but generally, paints in 1.5-liter bottles are enough to paint an area of ​​3 square meters.
If you want to create patterns on your tiles, we must say that this is now very simple. Again, you can find stickers with many different motifs in large DIY stores or online stores where you buy paints. These stickers are produced in different sizes for different tiles and walls. You buy decal molds, also called stencils, which are compatible with your tile size, and paste them on the dry tile that you have painted the main color of, and you can remove the decal from the tile by painting with roller brushes or spray paint, and you have tiles with wonderful patterns.
This is not a mandatory process, but if you want your tiles to be more durable and long-lasting, you can apply varnish as the last layer with the varnish options that are compatible with the paint you purchased. Especially if you are painting the tiles on the bathroom floor, it may be a logical decision to fix the paint with varnish more firmly, since it is a surface that receives more traffic.